Visit Coginetiae

At Coginetiae, our knowledgeable staff - big lovers of Hiruzen Wine - will always be poised to help you find the perfect way to drink wine or make a satisfying selection.
Our team will also work with you to create a unique gifting experience to send special wines that are available only at our shop, to your loved ones.

Space where you can enjoy wine easily

Find your signature wine while relishing a sensory tasting experience.

Hiruzen wine is crafted in one location, here at Hiruzen Winery.
Coginetiae shop is the only place where you can try our wines before purchase.

Our unique wines will certainly be a favored gift to wine lovers.

Our staff will be pleased to help you pick a perfect gift for any occasions, like selecting wine as a gift for someone who is not a big fan of wine.

While choosing your gift, please enjoy our quality wines at our table.

Perfect for Gifting

Hiruzen wine is hard to come by in any other shops thoughout Japan.
Our professional staff will support you while you enjoy your tasting experience and select a perfect gift.
Online shopping is available for customers in far distance.

Restaurant & Cafe, where you can find out everything about wine

In our commodious and comfortable cafe lounge, you can try our wines by the glass,paired with some cheese, if you like.During lunch hours, you can sit and relax to enjoy plenty of local & seasonal specialities together with the magnificent view of Hiruzen tridentate.

Pairing wine with local specialities

Cognie chef Hiromi Sugimura

Our head chef is committed to use plenty of fresh local ingredients and create a dish from scratch.

As you expect, wine pairing is also well considered.

We proudly offer our seasonal menus to match the best season for each ingredients.

Find your signature wine at our cellar door

For you to enjoy the best of what Hiruzen Winery has to offer, our CEO will be pleased to welcome you behind the cellar doors.

His knowledge and storytelling can satisfy your genuine interest and curiosity.

Drop in to savor more than 10 varieties of wines in stock at all times. The wine ranges from light to amazingly rustic.

"I'd be truly happy to give our customers some advice about wine", our CEO says.

Visiting our cellar door is the best way to educate yourself on wine.