World of Wine

From the vineyard to the bottle, we carefully grow our wine purely made from wild vines that are native to Japan down the ages.


We are mostly proud of our ongoing commitment to producing wine.

Our factory manager honestly speaks, "We are still challengers".

Being committed to produce the best wine year after year, we never shrink from the difficulties to make some changes to our winemaking process, such as temperature, humidity, fermentation...
We have never taken the record of awards for granted.

We believe that our commitment leads to a solid experience and make the wine fragrant and inspiringly tasty.

"At least 100 years of experience is necessary to become a standard as a winery"

Winemaking is an endless journey, and we keep aiming for higher goals.

These words show our sincere passion for winemaking.

Hiruzen Winery - Lovers of wild vine -

Wild vine is a climbing plant native to Japan down the ages.

Among 1,000 wild vines in Hiruzen plateau, we have been selecting and cultivating trees bearing grapes with high sugar content and low acidity, for over than 10 years.

Through trial and error, we have finally succeeded to ensure a stable supply of wild vine wines.

Wild vine grown in Hiruzen is sweet and has a darker skin compared to the ones grown in Tohoku region, due to climate differences such as sunlight hours.


Why do we age wine in oak barrels?


No two barrels are alike, each barrel is slightly unique in terms of aging speed,aroma, end results and contribution to the wine flavor. Barrel aging imparts greatercomplexity and depth to delicate wild vine wines.

Japan Wine Challenge 2018 "Gold Award"


Wild Vine [Rosé] 2017

Japan Wine Challenge is one of the biggest wine competitions in Asia, which is held once a year.

Hiruzen Winery's Rosé has won the Gold Award out of 1,400 wines gathered from all around the world.
Wild vine grown in Hiruzen is rich in polyphenols and has a fruity flavor like cassis.
Our award-winning wine, Wild Vine [Rosé], is made by adding white wine and fermented together with.
The color is clear pink and has an aroma like strawberry and peach, with a sweet, smooth taste.

It will also be a nice gift for people who are not a big fan of wine.

A new masterpiece of Hiruzen Winery:Tridentate [Rosé]


We have refreshed our flagship product "Hiruzen Wine".

Rosé has a clear pink color. Moderate viscosity. Refreshing aroma of white flower, strawberry and cherry.

Red wine has a slight deep ruby color. High viscosity. Fruity aroma of ripe strawberry and plum, woody aroma of cedar and oak.Fruity flavor and rich aroma.Light tannins with smooth taste.Medium-bodied.

This wine goes well with any cuisine.

The taste is more fruity than a fruit itself.


We offer 3 kinds of Hiruzen fruits jam.

Apple, which has a sweet and sour taste.
Blueberry, which has plenty of whole berries inside.
Wild Vine and Apple, which is full of fruity flavor.

Each product is handmade, in order to bring out the best of all the ingredients.

As we take delicate care of each process, the fruity flavor became one of a kind.